John Parikh

Director of Business Development & Capture

As the Director of Business Development & Capture, Mr. Parikh will work across Excelicon’s strategic areas driving growth, which includes marketing, sales, research & development, and finance where he will create and implement a longer-term vision and enterprise-wide execution of growth-generating strategies.

Mr. Parikh has more than 35 years of experience serving the state, local and federal governments (Civilian and DoD, including IC). Previously, he led the national sales for a major data analytics company, using data integration and predictive modeling to forecast and drive revenue. Mr. Parikh has led successful multi-million dollar end-to-end integration and cloud solutions deployment projects working for companies such as SUN Microsystems, IBM, and Verizon/Terremark. He has headed sales teams that have grown sales 185 YoY on average

Mr. Parikh holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland and an Executive Certificate in Management Information Systems.  He has been in the Washington DC area for over 45 years and lives in Maryland with his wife and two boys.