What We Do

Experience Counts

Excelicon provides government customers with innovative and transformational business and technology consulting services that increase government efficiency through mission-first delivery, leading to better and stronger government. Our client base centers around departments and agencies tasked with ethical and humane missions supporting our nation’s security, resilience, and health.

Using a strategic approach, we ask the right questions first, to help solve the toughest challenges. Excelicon consultants honor our customers’ missions, delving deeply into their goals, driving each step of the process in a flexible and supportive manner.

When the unpredictable happens, Excelicon team’s experience and capabilities allow us to step in with our clients and get the job done.

Agile Dev Sec Ops & Transformation

We provide secure and scalable solutions that fit government agency objectives and mission needs. Today’s rapid development and quick deployment demands require a commitment to providing rapid solutions. Additionally, our Operations and Maintenance support increases our client’s operational performance, system, and data availability, and overall efficiency through strong operations and maintenance teams.


Excelicon’s Governance and Policy support reinforces Federal and State agency efforts to meet and comply with all mandates. We stay aware of all Executive and Legislative branch memo’s that impact Federal policies and mandates.

Data Analytics

Using the latest technology such as Tableau and Databricks, our team provides actionable information to our clients for decision making and ability to achieve their mission goals. Through our data analytics, we have been able to reduce waste, fraud and abuse, work with Data Governance Council’s and provide Data Modernization services.

Cloud Services

Excelicon provides infrastructure, migration, architecture, security and overall post deployment support for mission critical programs. Additionally, we work to educate our customers on the adaptation and implementation of cloud strategies in their strategic plans.

IT Modernization

Helping our government partners meet strategic and tactical IT goals, employing innovative thinking and emerging technologies. Excelicon’s commitment to leading the way in emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and modern development techniques such as no code – low code, allows our clients to achieve their goals faster and with improved user experiences. Lastly, through Data Analytics, our client are able to transform data into information that is essential to making thoughtful data-driven operational and analytical decisions.

Management Services

Excelicon’s experience ranges from project and program management, Executive Support Services, CPIC and pre-acquisition market research.


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