Who We Are

Excellence In Consulting

Excelicon (formerly Blueprint Consulting Services Group) is an outstanding provider of Agile, Cybersecurity, and Advisory services to our clients. We provide the trusted advice that the government depends on to perform its mission in support of their customers, the American people. In addition to what Exelicon provides to the government, the company provides a nurturing and challenging environment for its workforce where they can learn, grow, be professionally fulfilled, and be proud of what they do and the services that they provide to our nation. The business is also socially conscious and gives back to the community where they live and work.

Excelicon is in business to provide the critical path to life, liberty, and happiness to those that we serve. We provide equal opportunity to all those who strive to do the right thing and are working hard for the chance to prove themselves while also allowing imaginative solutioning resulting in personal and professional enrichment.


Excelicon provides innovative and transformational business and technology services to increase government efficiency through mission-first delivery resulting in Excellence in Consulting.



Excelicon strives to be the leading business and technology services provider to all our customers for transformational business and technology services.



Excelicon values human dignity and we work with agencies to streamline processes and improve procedures so we can help our country. With an emphasis on excellence, we go above and beyond to build and maintain systems for those whose lives depend on them.

Our Values are Clear:







Tushar Garg Title
Tushar Garg
CEO & Owner
John Lever Title
John Lever
Christopher Bobb Title
Christopher Bobb
Tonya Alston Title
Tonya Alston
Director of Client Delivery
Deb Giron Title
Deb Giron
Director of Operations


Ron Castleman Title
Ron Castleman
Reynold Hoover Title
Reynold Hoover
Lieutenant General (Ret.)